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Gameplay Racing starts on the day of your birth, and continues for three years, concluding with your 17th birthday. The player can begin in any of the three districts, Ordo, Cività and Ognisanti. There are two modes of gameplay. The first is called the "Regular Game", where your horse competes in the four long distance races, three timed relay races and two sprints. You can choose how you want to ride your horse (Carousel, Breeding, Show Jump, Jump and Sprint). In the "First Race", a horse and rider are entered. In the "Second Race", you enter a horse and rider and need to win it. In the "Third Race", a horse and rider are entered, but you are the first rider (and do not need to win the race to earn your mount). The "Fourth Race" is played against another horse, without a rider. The "Breeding Race" is played similar to racing but with only two laps. The horses are judged by height (above the ground) and by how long they can remain standing. The rider is not the first rider, but the horse and rider must be first in the race. In the "Show Jump" race, there are three jumps, each one a different height. There are six competitions. The first three are the "Long Distance Races", the "Timed Relay Races", and the "Sprint Races". The first three are against the computer, but the last three are against your friends (you and the horse). The competitions are: The Long Distance Races are the daily racing at the nearby stables, plus the racing held every 2 weeks at the Roman Colosseum, near the Roman Games (the last two competitions are grouped as the "Colosseum Racing"). The Timed Relay Races take place at the Roman Colosseum and are timed from the start to the finish of the competition. There are three timed relays (no crossing the finish line first). The Sprint Races are a long course race at the Roman Colosseum (all three Sprint Races are grouped together and are timed from the start to the finish line). The Colosseum Racing (the last two racing events in the game) are played at the Roman Colosseum. The "Breeding Race" is played by you and three other people, and you win if you and your friends




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Downloadsaddleuptimetoridefullversion [2022]

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