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A passion for cycling available for anyone that relishes early morning rides!

About Us

The urban dictionary describes DURO as:


“Obscure, possibly archaic Puerto Rican slang for “badass”.

The real reason we go by DURO is that it's the last name of our founder, although the spelling is a bit different.  In Greek, DURO loosely translates as resilience, toughness or “to be strong”. It is said that during the Battle of Valtesi in 1821 (part of Greece’s liberation efforts from the Ottoman empire), the family’s ancestors fought as “Douros”.  While the name Douros may have started out as a nickname, it eventually replaced their actual family name. For those that may be wondering, the word/name Douros isn’t Greek, instead, it’s of Latin roots hence why you’ll find derivatives of this word across many Latin-based languages and cultures.


We understand that we might not be a cycling club for everyone, but all levels of cyclists are welcome. We are targeting those of you that are willing to get a jump on the day, while not sacrificing time from their families and/or other commitments. We aim to build a community of like-minded cyclists that are ready to seize the day in search of a better version of themselves. 

This group of cyclists will likely have the following in common:

  • Feel invigorated from the crisp morning air

  • Relish amazing skyline sunrises

  • Seek out the solitude of morning rides while the city still sleeps.


If this sounds like something that would interest you, we encourage you to show your interest by signing up!

WHY 05:45 AM?

A few reasons.  1, it's early enough to still get a solid ride in before 7 AM when people still need to get back to the house and prepare for the day.  2, Our founder while living in Toronto rode with Ontario's largest cycling club, Morning Glory (it could be Canada's largest cycling club too, not sure).  The genesis of organized and scalable early morning rides really originated there.  Upon his return to Calgary, he realized that nothing like that existed here locally, hence DURO.

Why 0545
DURO Cyclist
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